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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find my System ID?

You can find your System ID in the following electronic and paper documents:

  • Sunnova Agreement

    Sunnova Agreement
  • Welcome Email

    Sunnova Agreement
  • Monthly Paper Invoice

    Sunnova Agreement
  • Monthly Email Invoice

    Sunnova Agreement
Who can use Guest Pay?
Guest Pay is primarily useful for tenants and other third parties who do not have a Sunnova customer portal account. However, homeowners with access to the portal can also utilize this feature, allowing them to electronically make a payment towards a system.
What happens after I make a payment?
After you successfully make a payment, you will receive a confirmation message. The payment will be reflected in the Sunnova customer portal under payment history for the System owner to view.
Is Guest Pay secure?
Yes, payments made through the guest pay option are secure. Sunnova takes data security seriously and is PCI compliant, adhering to industry standards to ensure the protection of our customers' sensitive information. When you make a one-time payment through our portal, your transaction is processed securely, safeguarding your personal and financial data.
Can I Cancel or Modify a payment made through Guest Pay?
No, you cannot cancel the payment made through Guest Pay. To make any updates, please get in touch with Sunnova Customer Service at 1-866-786-6682 or email
Can I make multiple payments using Guest Pay?
You can make a payment towards one System at a time. If you wish to make multiple payments using Guest Pay, you must enter each System ID and make payments towards each System individually.
How long does it take for payments to process?
Processing time varies depending on the payment method type (ACH vs credit card). ACH payments may take 1-3 days to process.
What type of payments can I make via Guest Pay?
Guest Pay support various payment types, including Monthly Payment, Principle Only Payment, and Full Pay Off.